Boat engine running rich

To avoid that you always start with the engine a little bit rich. Velvet Drive became a Division of Pleasurecraft Engine Group in April of 2019. Be sure to clean the surrounding area to the best of your ability to avoid dirt and debris falling into your carb, or worse, your engine. Tuning Your Engine. Now, if there's diaphragm leakage, fuel would be supplied to the engine without any metering by the carburetor. "The quest for the inexpensive small inboard with reverse " This is where we started and I think we are hung up on what "inexpensive" means. Watch Boat Fuck porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. Briefly, rich vs. I am a marine diesel engine mechanic but have litle experience with outboard engines.

Those are classic signs of not running on all cylinders — and on a three cylinder craft, that’s Why is the engine bogging under acceleration? I recently managed to get the moped running properly, albeit for only a short time. DOWNLOAD Repair Manual & Running Rich Suzuki Mercury MerCruiser Yamaha Evinrude Johnson DOWNLOAD a complete outboard repair manual in seconds. Make sure you have a good set of flushett muffs that won't fall off while you are running on the hose. Edelbrock running too rich,can't fix. The boat had been in storage for 5 or 6 years. We recommend a Hammerhead Marine Descaler Flush every 100 hours, or twice a year for any engine running in warm, calcium rich waters. You're putt-putting along pretty as you please, when suddenly your outboard dies. Things replaced so far: Fuel, Jetski > What are the symptoms of running fuel to rich? and lift up the seat and engine A boat ride ends with engine trouble Whether you have a speed boat, pontoon boat or fishing boat, there is nothing like a day on the water.

Excerpts from Family & Performance Boating, by Henry Olsen. Depends on what you define as severely damaged. A properly-operating engine should run smoothly and without excess noise. keep clear of the propeller when the engine is running! When you first begin to run your Miss Budweiser, place in water with engine running at approximately 1/4 throttle. These are the factory settings on the ZENOAH engines. 3. Gas Boat Engine Tuning – Terms. Do yourself a favor though and check frequency before running your RC.

Bohacz . I took the boat out yesterday so I could fix the trailer. Are the props correct size you could be overpropped. This is because the cylinder is too cold and the piston is forced into the taper and sticks and is then pulled back down with the connecting rod. And obviously, shifting this fast can be hard on the engine; it’s okay to do it once or twice to save the day, but before taking the boat out again get that valve fixed. You’ll need to first start off by removing your carb. Take note of the running condition of the engine. If the air/fuel mixture is too rich for the engine while you are running at caution speeds, the engine may tend to load up and foul the spark plugs, while if the air/fuel mixture is too lean the engine may tend to run hot.

com Senior Editor, Lenny Rudow, as he walks us through the most common outboard engine issues, particularly involving fuel systems and flushing. And they took specific types of engines that are more valuable. Velvet Drive Transmissions is a leading manufacturer of marine and industrial transmissions. Major bummer! First, make sure you're safe — power losses can be dangerous if there are heavy seas or bad weather. This sequence will keep your nitro RC from running amok if someone nearby is running on the same frequency. Reply. When using a liquid fuel, running rich allows for a more ideal air-fuel saturation in the cylinder. Work, family and a barely used boat have been preventing it.

black clouds of smoke comes out of the exhaust when i step on the gas. If in doubt, always err on the side of being too rich. Is that right? If you have run your motor at low rpm without load in cold weather, it is completely normal that unburned black oil drips out of exhaust or drain holes in lower unit afterwards, almost every two-stroke I've had did that. black smoke. So what is happening here is you are making the engine too lean and once in the water the engine starves for fuel. Give the boat a good throw in the water and start accelerating, if she dies at 1/2 or 3/4 or when you try to go WOT, you are still Selecting Motors for Small Boats. We have fully boat tested this engine and it runs perfectly. If the engine is emitting white or blue smoke, this means your engine is burning oil.

It'd run rich and poorly, and fuel usage would rise. My recollection is that the technical name for this is a 'bollard pull. So, what are some of the common causes of flooded boat motors? Choke. I imagine that this is much like what your experiencing here, Running rich. Rich air/fuel ratios can be used to control detonation, and this is a strategy normally employed in forced induction engines. First step, make sure the prop is matched to the engine AND boat. He took the boat for a litle test run and it did not run so great. what to check? However I am finding that the engine is underpowered for my boat and Engine running rich and Now I already did a number of searches on this, but it i hard to get steady, reliable, understandable information.

Is the outboard running too rich? In my search for replacement plugs I was in a (motorbike) shop and handed over the spark plug for them to look for one. A rich incoming fuel/air mix produces exhaust with less oxygen, while lean produces exhaust with more oxygen. By Ray T. The fuel burns and powers the car. Put the motor into gear and go for a short ride; then idle down and readjust. It is easier to understand the exhaust popping as that takes place when unburned fuel ignites in the exhaust. If engine dies then your low end needle is probabably too lean. Input please when u have bigger injectors u dont want to lower the fuel pressurewith the 24's u should be around 44 psidid it just start to do this or did u change something and then it changed .

. To fix this, turn the engine off and check if there is any blockage in water flow. He asked me to take a look at it. The Common Problem: Rough Running Engine. We build Mercury MerCruiser® Sterndrive engines and drives to power your life on the water. One of the most common causes of flooded outboard motors is improper use of choke. Engine speed remains unchanged - This indicates the engine is not running on this cylinder, but it’s not because of a lack of fuel. A backfire (inlet manifold, carburetor/throttle body, or air cleaner) of an internal combustion engine can occur when the valves are not shutting correctly.

If your engine is running hot this could also trigger preignition. Running Take Out . Both of these cause your diesel engine to work overtime. * Wrapped line or Fouled bottom Stop the boat, anchor, and remove the line. Performing maintenance tasks like replacing worn spark plugs, inspecting plug wires, or even replacing an old, partially clogged fuel filter can make a huge difference in how well your engine is running. When Rich is referred to, it describes a fuel mixture that has excessive fuel in it. What is the problem with your 1996 454 multiport fuel injected boat engine it seems to be running rich and once the engine is warm it does not idle shuts down and requires a lot of throttle to start? can be done. 9v at closed throttle did u check What causes an engine to burn oil? If it's black, it means you are running rich (too much fuel).

FOUR CYCLING or SLIGHTLY RICH running is a rich type setting, but it is fast enough to push the boat. In this article I will try to explain the problems and solutions to this frequently asked question in the simplest manner possible. Your engine will last longer and there will be less of a chance of your engine stopping in mid flight. Engine Smoking or Running Rich? The engine will get great economy running on 2cyls because it will BLOW UP. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Boat Fuck scenes than Pornhub! Narrowing down the cause of engine bog and dead spots in the rpm range - Hot Rod Magazine. Thanks. But what exactly causes milky engine oil? And how do you fix it? solution to rough running Kawasaki carb was causing it to run rich and uneven. This can also save you a bundle of money, because even an hour of diagnostic time at your local repair shop can put the smackdown on your wallet.

Fresh water expands in volume by about nine percent when it freezes and can push outward with a force of tens of thousands of pounds per square inch. Boats and Ships: Nitro Engine choice for this version of RC is basically one of requirement and preference, depending on the type of model (eg. R When there is not enough water going through the engine, overheating occurs. Low levels or loss of coolant, poor air flow through the radiator and a defective thermostat are just a few of the problems that could cause a diesel engine to overheat. fuel in the carb before an engine starts running. "Outboard Care" article by Peter Caplen in Ocean Voyager 2001 from Ocean Navigator magazine Decent book: "Keep Your Outboard Motor Running" by Richard Thiel . It is often said that for an engine to run you need fuel, air, and spark. Again, I am not sure how much effect the pilot/mixture screw has at higher RPM's since at that point the jets supply most if not all of the fuel.

And worse, many claims of lean conditions and rich conditions are contradictory. ” Incredibly, May has been hit by engine-stealing thieves not once, but four times. When I clean the plug, it runs normally for about half an hour but then the plug fouls again. Spark comes from the ignition system. The CO was very high at idle. By Lenny Rudow. You probably fouled a plug or a plug wire came loose. Slowly increase throttle until boat accelerates onto plane.

Theory, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting of 2-strokes in a short, common-sense way. Its as if the low speed makes no difference except to make it more rich. (1525 m) elevation to help engine performance. This is a turn-key roller cam motor that includes everything in the pics. Chances are your engine will be too rich and may even quit. If the engine in emitting black smoke, this could mean that the air filter is dirty, the fuel could have gone bad, and/or the carburetor is flooded. If any part of that system becomes clogged, the engine is at risk of sudden death. Boat Motors - Outboard Motors For Sale - Rebuilt Powerheads - Lower Units - Gearcase - Sterndrive Assemblies- Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Yamaha, Mercruiser Buy from this array of 15 hp idle rich now.

Speed Boat or War Ship) and the weight and length of the hull. after a couple minutes it stalled on it's own and wouldn 1999 Mercruiser Service Bulletins; Delco Starter Motors: V6 and V8 305/350 cid Engines with MEFI-3: MEFI-3 Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Audio Warning System: Sensor Failures in MEFI-3 Mercury Distributors Used on V6 and V8 305/350 cid Engines: Proper Oil Fill Level On Velvet Drive Transmissions: Proper Shift Set-up For The Commander 3000 Classic Took 2. 3 Basic Causes of Stumble I had one of my 2006 Sea Doo RXPs out on the lake last weekend, when I noticed it was running kind of rough. The boat is running rich, it has a weak spark, and its dumping gas into the exhaust. What Causes An Engine Run Lean? The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber. Clean hull and drive. Q: I have a 1989 Rinker Festiva 230 cuddy cabin I/O. Only switching the spring direction in the chokes which removed any effective choke seemed to help ( engine still cold starts fine) Any suggestions moving forward? overflow from the priming system, but when the engine is running a small amount of fuel does come out of this fitting.

There is very low risk of detination at those engine loads. The added weight as well has a greater affect on a boat than a car because of the increase drag as the boat sits lower. 5hrs to do the first part of the break in process for the engine. Boat has rich exhaust and we were not able to lean it out with any adjustments on the dual Carter carbs. 6 - 12. Your day will be jam packed with fun or you will get so frustrated you will want to throw your car across the parking lot. now i put a big bucket of water below, and start engine with car batt, now is it safe to disconnect the car batt while outboard is running? if i remove the car battery and then put the boat battery on, will it charge the battery like an car engine? Running rich, how to fix? Just think of a boat as a second job that you have to pay them for working. The ignition spark advance curve an engine needs for maximum power with the rich air/fuel mixture the engine has during wide open throttle acceleration is different than the ignition spark advance it needs for the leaner air/fuel mixture the engine has when you are cruising at 65-75 mph on the highway.

Fuel and air comes from the fuel system and carburetors. PEAKED OR TWO CYCLE. Generally, timing can be advanced 2 degrees for every 5000 ft. Our Power Equipment Direct how-to library can help you learn about How to Prepare a Boat for a Hurricane, Official Photo Contest Rules and What to Do When Your Engine Fails. Your Boat Engine's Chillin' By Beth A. Use a six-gallon portable outboard fuel tank. It's that time of year again. As a result, starting the engine may prove difficult due to the wet spark plugs.

Engine speed decreases - This indicates that circuit is now too rich and is very likely OK. THe starting of a warmed up engine with a faster throttle position is the right way to start very rich / flooded engines. No, this is not plagiarism! If you have read a slightly less polished compilation on the Internet here, don't write me a nasty e-mail saying that I stole this please! An engine that is jetted too lean will create more heat than an engine that has the correct air/fuel ratio; if the jetting is too rich, the mixture may still be burning in the headers and exhaust system, again creating more heat. ) Running winter fuel in warm weather. I know about running lean I have built several nitrous engines for drag cars. A download outboard repair manual is a book of instructions for learning how to maintain, service, troubleshoot, and overhaul the engine to factory specifications, including procedures for engine wont or will not idle. If that is the case, no biggie because fuel ( and oil) is still entering the cylinder If a carb was blocked and then cleared it could do MAJOR damage running it that way. Running rich is commonly seen on small air cooled gasoline implements (mowers, generators, motor cycles, etc.

and when i rev it, it is still as rough as idle. 7:1, 14. Use the table below to determine if the engine is running lean or rich. I think your engine is running in a full choke condition. All it takes is 45 seconds of running dry and the impellar is ruined. They are 3 cylinder engines with plenty of torque and top end. Sterndrives & Inboards. With ignitor removed, advance throttle to full throttle.

* Over-sized boat propeller Match the propeller to your engine under normal operating conditions. In chainsaws, four-wheel ATVs, and snowmachines, the engine speed is constantly changing. Running lean means that engine is not receiving enough gas and there is too much air. When applying throttle its rough and the engine shakes up until it hits 3500-4000, (1/4 throttle) then it smooths out but still misses a beat every now and then if im not in the power. ' However, dont just check the cleats - I suggest you check everything from your boat to planet earth. Clean it in a suitable I have a 2003 Sunesta 232 with a volvo penta 5. The trick is learning how to read your spark plugs. On a marine engine, that doesn't necessarily mean it's getting too much gas.

The white in the image is just a background color. If you are unable to transport your boat, call Rich Marine. It's dangerous, but there are ways to make it less so. Warning: Obviously, the Coast Guard doesn't smile upon running your boat's engine with a portable fuel supply. The high speed (main) needle for adjusting the fuel mixture is the one adjacent to the fuel nipples. com. 7:1 This is known by scientists as stoichiometric combustion – the ideal combustion process during which a fuel is burned In order to truly tune my carb, I want a better understanding of the symptoms of lean vs the symptoms of rich. This leads to poor gas mileage, spark plug fouling, and loss of engine power.

In other words, it's not burning all of the gasoline it's consuming. First he moved the vent hose away from the engine and below the engine deck to get The boat is held stationary in a test tank or on a trailer backed into the water so that adjustments can be made while the engine is running under a load. I took it to the dealer and after 2 months (they were busy) I was told that it was the gas/air sensor and it was running to rich. If the engine RPM speeds up as the boat goes around the corner, your engine is likely rich. Is your engine running too lean? Too rich? Is there an issue with oil control or ignition timing? Or is everything just fine with your engine? Like the mechanical version of the Magic 8-Ball, your spark plugs may have the answers for you. Our engines are engineered and built solely for marine duty. Remanufactured 454 Vortech L29 Marine Engine. Engine problems and solutions .

you need to have the engine rich on land, start her up and keep her clear by bleeping the throttle. - The engine won't respond when the throttle is snapped open, but it picks up speed as the throttle is closed. With the answer in hand, I can argue The engine will lean out while flying your airplane due to the emptying of the fuel tank. Raw water is sucked in and circulates through the engine either directly or through a heat-exchanger system designed to cool the engine. How right you are. If it looks new and shiny, your engine is running rich. Things were looking up: I replaced the spark plug, cleaned out the exhaust, adjusted the idle / fuel screws, and even replaced the brakes (I can stop now!). We offer both on-site and off-site service calls for your convenience, so you can get your boat up and running again, wherever you are.

Two terms that will be used to describe the tuning process are Rich, and Lean. WOT is only getting to 3600 and should be 4200 minimum. Re: Engine Running Rough and Backfiring Normally, spitting out the carb is said to be due to a lean mixture and popping out the exhaust takes place when the mixture is too rich. The smog technician told me my 2002 Honda Civic is running too rich when idling. ENGINE RUN-ON, DIESELING -- RO-101 DIESELING, that nasty tendency of an engine to continue to run on, coughing and sputtering, after the ignition is turned off and there is no more spark. One comment I would throw in regards tying your boat up to a dock to put your engine under load. MISFIRE and TROUBLESHOOTING the ENGINE - CF-106. I would never buy a boat for our family if it were up to me, so researching the true cost of owning a boat gives me something concrete to cling to.

The Causes of Internal Engine Knock, and How to Eliminate it. An engine runs especially rich when accelerating, when cold, or when under a load. Of course the engine was running rich except at 1/2 to full throttle. That means excessive fuel is being burnt, with too little air, causing soot to be blown out of the exhaust. Only in outboard motor operation does the speed remain fairly constant. Mercury Diesel. Things replaced so far: Fuel, Jetski > What are the symptoms of running fuel to rich? and lift up the seat and engine When your engine back-fires it can do so in one of two ways. Too rich, and it will do a good job of keeping things cool, but it will also foul up a lot of stuff, also cause the engine to run rougher at idle.

The needle valve should get you a happy medium at about a quarter turn counterclockwise from where the motor will sneeze. It runs off of two engines, but the one engine does not seem to be running properly. Adjusting the mixture is an imprecise art, requiring that you know your engine well and listen close. Possible explanations: a. 2. By performing this periodic maintenance, you can keep your boat's outboard motor in good working condition. Proceed to the next step for this adjustment. Each engine in our exclusive wake, jet and cruiser engine series comes standard with Indmar’s high performance pedigree that spans nearly a half a century with world record-breaking success and is the most awarded for innovation and customer satisfaction.

There are more than 33 items, which if faulty, that can cause engine hesitation and stumble problems. Run-on by dieseling is caused by fuel in engine igniting without spark. In reality most engines rarely achieve this ratio: they run a bit richer most of the time. The sun, the cool breeze off the water and the gentle rocking of the boat makes for a relaxing day. Gradually increase throttle to no more than 1/2 until you become more familiar with the boat. Hi all, it's been a while since I have been in here. and outboard boat motors. b18c1 running very rich and rough.

You can test for leaks by smoking your exhaust (sucking Sea Foam engine cleaner in through the brake booster hose is a common way), or passively by disconnecting your O2 sensors and pulling power to your PCM for 30 seconds and then seeing if the rich running goes away. They are set according to local conditions. Reality: Dirtbike : Rick Super Hunky Sieman demystifies two-stroke pre-mix ratios so your bike is running on the rich side, so you put less oil in the Step 1 - There are several combinations of misfire conditions, steady or random, at idle or under power, which may or may not be detected by the computer and trigger a check engine or service engine soon light, read trouble codes to help pinpoint the cylinder(s) in question and follow the repair guide below. If your motor has an idle adjustment, turn the control until the engine idles smoothly and doesn't die when you shift into gear. 1 mpi. Unlike the more conventional RC Nitro engine, Marine engines are generally water cooled. Buying a boat is a major investment, so take the time to fully understand how much boat ownership really costs, and that means purchase price, annual boat costs and calculating the likely lifetime investment your vessel will require. Your boat decal will not have a background; all boat Decals are die-cut around the shape of the design.

Before the mercury dips below freezing, you need to winterize your engine or risk missing next year's boating season. Closer to port, that isn’t allowed any longer so they switch to a slightly less dirty fuel. This is depending on the air filter, exhaust and climate conditions. “They had our forklift running. Regardless of whether or not the engine is running too rich or too lean, bring it down to a very lean mixture by turning both screws a quarter-turn at a time, counter-clockwise, then slowly bringing them back up to an equal and smooth mixture. I really need some help now that I have been able to use the boat again. the engine shakes while idling at any certain speeds. com boat forum for do it yourself boat repair.

Small Engine Troubleshooting Guide. Once you can get your engine running at 1/2 throttle then its time to remove the glow driver/ignitor. ! CAUTION To prevent engine damage, do not set timing any higher than for the lowest elevation that customer will be running I see you have plenty of good advice. It happened again. The chap said that my engine was running too rich because of the colour of my plugs. a lot of gas is getting pumped into the engine, and i have no idea why. A MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor thet is telling the ECM thet the manifold pressure in the engine is high when it is low. At times I wasn't sure the engine was even running when at idle, but I have to say it put out a mean base sound around 1500-3k and around 4-6k it sounds like a indi car.

) for this very reason. The other one like a wet noodle boat. If the engine runs rough at high speed, the fuel mixture is rich and the needle valve needs additional adjustment. If the boat is then brought back to sea level, everything has to be changed back for sea level use. 3 GS, circa 1995 with duo prop leg. Find the spark plug wires (thick cables running from the ignition coils to the top of the engine) where they connect to the spark plugs and follow them to the openings in the cylinder head for each. I could probably go a little further Re: Idle surge and running rich. This is less than Lambda=1, where the ideal thermochemcial process is complete.

I have to say I will never go back to a 2 stroke for a fishing/family boat. Detonation can occur if an engine is running too lean as theres not enough fuel or too much unmetered air causing the combustion chambers tempature and compression to rise. This type of tuning is adequate for getting carburetion close, however it is by no means an effective way to achieve the ideal mid-range or full throttle carb settings. Re: How to tell if running lean, or rich? If your motor is running lean, it will "sneeze" at low rpm, if it's running rich it will smoke and foul the plugs. You launch your boat and begin to cruise. Ive noticed that my fishfinder will often turn off when i start my boat engine after sitting and jigging for a while. Two-Stroke Fuel Ratios Pre-Mix Myth vs. This electric spark has to happen at exactly the right time or the engine will not run properly.

Dean Are the plugs clean after a run? sounds like you are running rich. Mercury Diesel engines offer a sophisticated diesel-engine experience: Advanced turbocharging and injection technologies produce a powerband that’s carefully calibrated for marine performance and outstanding economy. We recommend running a length of line from this fitting to the bottom of the boat so it can drain out. Carburetors mix air and fuel in the proper amounts to ensure efficient combustion in the engine. Idle rough and running very. This is when the event happened. How to identify and solve a variety of common small engine carburetor problems. During very hot days your engine will run hotter, this is normal and unavoidable.

is the maf calibrated for the 24's? the tps voltage should be around . However, it should be noted that a "rich" running engine can also have little or no smell, since CO itself is odorless. Back in the day when I was tuning my own Carburetor on a two stroke MAC 101, the process was to run the engine rich then lean out until the oil just started to dissappear and was burning clean. If there is too much fuel and not enough air, the engine is said to be “running rich”, or “has a rich mixture”. In an internal combustion engine, the expansion of the high-temperature and hhigh pressure gases produced by combustion applies direct force to some component of the engine. I started sawing last week again and I smelled rich gas. One more common occurrence worth mentioning happens when a customer runs the engine out of the water without an adequate water supply. Engine speed increases - This indicates that circuit was lean and needs to be richer.

It is also a good idea to look at the glow plug element after the fi rst few runs. I motored just above idle speed to the docking. What would cause my Honda Civic to be rich when it is idling? HOW TO TUNE ZENOAH ENGINE | ZENOAH ENGINE TUNING. Discerning whether the engine is running lean or rich will help you make the proper adjustments for best engine performance. the spark plug on it keep fouling, and when this happens the rpm's drop substantially. This will let you know if it is starved for fuel or is using an excessive amount. Our extensive range of transmissions are used in pleasure boats, work boats and search and rescue boats by some of the world’s best-known manufacturers. A small 1960's era outboard with enough refurbishing to keep it reliable could easily fit into my "inexpensive" catagory.

I have 30 years building engines, so I know what I'm doing. This is caused by the Catalytic Converter consuming too much sulfur (part of vehicle fuel). In some cases, though, owners may notice a milky coloring in their oil. Avoid the temptation to fit the biggest propeller possible. Try running the engine again after it has cooled down. Won’t Rev In Gear-February 2007-Question: I’m having a problem with my engine bogging at 5,000 rpm in Outboard maintenance article by Jan Mundy in issue 2000 #3 of DIY Boat Owner magazine. 0 is running too rich at idle and at cruise. Your boat decal can be made in any color found on the color chart See the color chart for details.

Rich mixtures are the end result of too much fuel and too little air. You will need to compensate for this by setting the engine slightly rich on the ground. ok my boat has flat battery, so i put car batt in and it turns the crank. Check our Engine emits white/blue smoke while running FAQ for assistance. If a boat is powered by an engine, it sucks cooling water through an intake port somewhere. DOWNLOAD a complete outboard repair manual in seconds. The three most likely causes of a rich running EFI engine are: 1. Typical problems include hard starting, rough running, a need to adjust the carburetor during use to keep the engine from stalling, a need to rev the engine to ke An ABC engine needs to come up to temperature and running it at an extremely rich setting for a period of time will cause premature wear on the piston as well as the rod to stretch and break.

Terms often used are: Stuttering Hesitating Running Rough etc etc. lean refers to the relative proportion of fuel and air that is combusted inside an engine…compared to the practical “ideal” proportion. The above doesn't explain the dirty venturi, though Have you checked for any vacuum hoses off, broken Best-in-Class Torque, Horsepower and Fuel Efficiency When it comes to inboard marine engines, there is no substitute for an Indmar. 7 gxi with very low hours. The common causes for this happening are if the air filter is clogged or dirty and you try to accelerate. If your engine starts operating in a manner that gives you the perception of “running rough”, it is likely due to a handful of common causes. I always though running rich meant that the gas/oil mixture was too much oil, and running lean was that the gas/oil ixture was too much gas being mixedplease correct me if I am wrong. It would eventually start after approximately 30 minutes.

How much does it really cost to own a boat? I ask my husband this question every time he prods me about buying one. The original motor was a MerCruiser 305, but the boat sank because of a crack in the molding that holds the boat’s top and bottom shells together. A common cause of after-fire is from running rich (too much fuel going into cylinders), or faulty ignition possibly a fouled (dirty) spark plug, coil, or plug wire. Rich mixtures waste fuel, contribute to carbon buildup and pollute the air. I noticed some oil/gas on the spark plug wires. When you are driving behind a "rich" running car or truck, it can smell very bad, somewhat like rotten eggs, and make you feel dizzy. Just remember not to shift back into neutral, or the engine will cut out again. .

Clean the sailboat bottom. 4 Steps To Take If Your Outboard Quits. ) You want it running fast enough that it is no longer running on just the idle circuit, but not hard enough to open the secondaries/power valve. Thus, on a forced induction engine, the mixture should be substantially richer: 11. idle is low. Two Stroke Gas Oil Ratios: Dirtbike : Let amp rsquo s see amp hellip your bike is running on the rich side, so you put less oil in the gas Ask your assistant to put the boat in gear and run it at a high rate of speed. Many people have checked everything only to discover that their foam is waterlogged and the boat weighs significantly more than it should. Each boat design can be made in any width and are measured LEFT TO RIGHT.

In our case, on a 1996 engine, the hose connects at the flame arrestor. If you are in the market for a good running outboard for your bass boat, pontoon, Boston Whaler, flats boat, Jon Boat, Dive Boat, Open Fisherman or any other watercraft. This is the setting you normally look for before launching the boat then further adjustments can be made to fine tune the engine. It smoked heavely and used a lot of fuel for a short run. This is a troubling sign that needs to be addressed; otherwise, it could result in severe damage to the mechanical components. Overheating of a diesel engine can be caused by anything that decreases the efficiency of the cooling system. Boat engine cuts out when it gets hot. Is it auto or manual choke? this could be sticking.

Tuning the engine is the number one most important aspect of running a Nitro Powered Vehicle. This can be due to foreign objects like weeds blocking the water intake. Black smoke simply means that the engine is running rich. You get the right richness, once you've got the engine running, by adjusting the main needle until you hear the revs reach a maximum (which indicates exactly the right mixture), and then opening the needle about 1/8 of a turn. 2002 Honda Civic Told my Honda is Running Too Rich when Idling. Since you just posted this, I'm guessing you ran it with the muffs on with the engine having no boat weight load on it. And there's some in the intake. Optimax is running rich? Submitted: 4 years Why do you say the engine is running right? Fuel is new in the boat and an ENTIRE separate gallon jug was run 2004 volvo 8.

Put the Engine in Neutral Move the throttle forward and reverse to ensure your nitro engine is in neutral and that it's is in the idle position when the throttle is If a petrol car is emitting black smoke, it is a sure sign of the engine running too rich. Engine bogs down. WHY COME TO US FOR BOAT REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE? Complete replacements are available through multiple engine vendors. Curing 2-cycle Engine Problems: Many 2-cycle engines have problems and are sent to the junk yard before their time. Leonard. IGNITION TIMING Most engines (except diesels) use an electric spark to ignite a fuel/air mixture. A download outboard repair manual is a book of instructions for learning how to maintain, service, troubleshoot, and overhaul the engine to factory specifications, including procedures for engine running Best Answer: Running rich means the engine is receiving too much gas. I am assuming this is an indication that mixture is too lean or rich.

Instead, it could mean that it's not getting enough air. Adapt the fuel line to your boat's plumbing with correctly matched fittings and hose clamps where needed. Check an OMC shop manual for the proper setting. when my fuel tank is almost dry, the car will run smooth, but when i gas it hard it will stall cause of low gas. 7400 L-29 Gen VI. i was messing Join boats. That has to happen while the engine is running, of course. Running a Diesel engine at idle for long periods without it begging put under load to bring it to operating temp, will cause several issues.

Give and get help on boat motor repair and marine engine maintenance for outboard motors, inboards, sterndrives, gas and diesel marine engines. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum What happens is that out on the ocean, they run on the dirtiest, smelliest, sulphur rich fuel because it is cheap. Immediately shut the engine off and remove a spark plug. Typical Lean Conditions: - Poor acceleration; the engine feels flat. The engine has been exceptionally reliable since I bought it until last year when the engine wouldn't start after running for 15 minutes or so. When there’s an imbalance of these elements, the motor may fuel with an excess amount of fuel. 7 parts air to1 part fuel. There will be 1 cable and 1 plug for each cylinder in your engine, so a V6 will have 6, whereas a two-stroke dirt bike will only have 1.

But you also need compression and the correct spark timing. What Causes a Car to Run Rough? Reasons for a car running rough can include problems with the engine temperature or oxygen sensors, bad hoses, ignition system or timing problems, clogged air or fuel filters, and faulty spark plugs or fuel injectors. The simplistic ideal proportion for our purposes is 14. I think you may be stuck in a cold engine condition. 3:1 on a boosted turbo car and as rich as 11:1 on an engine converted to forced aspiration without being decompressed. Over the years there has been a lot of discussion and misunderstanding with regard to the best method of keeping your jet boat engine plumbed and cooled properly. The engine must be running to rich for some reason. First and the most common way is when the engine is running a small explosion of un-burnt fuel is ignited inside of the intake manifold creating a loud bang which is the backfire sound you hear.

How to "Break-In" Your Newly Rebuilt Engine. MarineEngine. Have your engine serviced asap. Boat engine oil normally possesses a light bronze/maple color. If it's white, the car may be burning antifreeze or (quite rare We know you love your boat but are probably finding it hard to bring it in for repairs. Here is what I know: She is running rich with slightly rough idle. Below that it seems like its missing on one or both cylinders evenly. My boat mechanic does not have a code reader and is stumped.

This is 14. May owns six boat dealerships throughout Texas and estimates the 41 Yamaha engines he’s lost were worth more than $700,000. So, the first thing to do is to remove the flame arrestor. The engine didn’t sound right, and it felt low on power. Which I know will never be good its a boat. Get boat repair tips and answers to boat engine problems. Every now and then, I’d get a burst of full power, but then lose it again. My Honda gx-620 presented this problem after sitting idle for two weeks.

Once it’s in gear and running, your problems are over (throughout the RPM range). Thin air can also cause preignition. A faulty coolant temp sensor that is telling the ECM that the engine is cold when it is hot. is that normal? can it hurt the finder somehow? not sure how its wired, I just used the same leads that the original was connected to when i installed the upgrade. I also like to change the glow plug after the fi rst 5 runs or so. It may well be that these events are the hesitation & stumble problems described in this article. More fuel in the float bowl will create more fuel pressure and result in rich(er) running conditions and vice versa. This is a revolutionary change to outboard marine engine maintenance which has come about through Bright Bay’s next generation chemistry.

It's a lot better now but sometimes the engine will still stumble if I stop real quick. Pair Rebuilt Yanmar 6lp 6lpa 6lp2a Ste Stp Marine Diesel Engine 315hp Boat. That rich condition will ruin oil & soot up sparkplugs & all the valves. The amount of oxygen in the exhaust is directly related to the fuel/air mixture entering the engine. Summer is here and gasoline prices are up and out of sight, this has many boat owners wondering how they tune their engine so they can get more hours out of a tank of fuel without losing power or doing any engine damage from going to lean on the air/fuel mixtures. When I finished the trailer, I took the boat back out and watched the motor as I went to full throttle again to see if it was a one time event. Abnormal combustion, more commonly known as knock or detonation, has been the limiting factor in internal combustion engine power generation since the discovery of the otto cycle itself. My 1992 240sx with a KA24DE is running very rich.

The engine is a Volvo Penta 4. However if your engine is running hot when it shouldn't, then you need to look into what's causing abnormal engine overheating. Any help gratefully received. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. To understand how the "Check Engine" light oxygen sensor knows the difference between rich and lean, think of it like you would a battery. I know a different tune will probably not give any real performance gain but could help with fuel economy. Richen by 1/10 increments. I recently picked up this 97 Vr jetta and I can smell gas when sitting at idle and it's pretty strong.

Hold the throttle part-way open for about 15 seconds (2500 or so RPMs. This 5. Begin the final needle valve adjustment with the boat running at a slow speed. Please advise me on what the real symptoms of lean vs rich system is. This leads to high RPMs and lack of engine power and response. The carburetor was dripping gas onto the engine case from underneath. boat engine running rich

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